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Thank you for taking part in this in incredible adventure. Please continue to use and enjoy this website. The are many resources available such as our Student Q&A section at the bottom of the multimedia page and the Educational Modules created by Dr. Ewan Affleck.

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Final 2 Questions from Students

Q 67 Q: "What do you do with your trash?" - Meyha O., Grade 10, Science 10, Sir John Franklin High School
A: "We packed all garbage that wasn't food based with us and disposed of it at Patriot Hills. They then transport all garbage off of Antarctica..." - Ray
Q: "In a newspaper article it said that you were going to leave Shackleton's compass at the Pole. Did you do this?" - Nick Kluke, Grade 4, Onslow Elementary School, Quebec
A: "Actually Nick, that was another awesome expedition that was happening at the same time we were there !!!" - Ray

Congratulations from Mezi Community School

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Q: "Was it hard to keep yourself clean on the expedition, and did your first shower in Chile feel nice?" - Adam Nitsiza
A: "We actually stayed quite clean (except for our stinky clothes !). Yes ! Our first shower was GREAT !" - Ray, Kevin and Richard
Q: "Did you guys ever have any arguments along the trip, and are you still friends after 33 days together?" - Laverna Nitsiza
A: " Actually- we got along so-o-o well. We tried to think of one arguement- but we couldn't ! Richard and I have been friends for years, and Kevin and I are becoming very close too." - Ray

Student Q&A: 74

student q/a
Q74: "As a team what was your motivation to complete your journey?" - Clarence, Riverside Resolve, Manteno, Illinios Q74 Answer


(Audio) Richard
Kathy has just emailed me and informed me the guys might not make it back to Ottawa until Tuesday next week. when I know more I'll post.

"Today, first of all I'd like to thank everyone for following our expedition and I'd particularly like to thank Kathy, Bob and Anton for all their hard work and Josee also for ahh supporting us out here it's very important to us and ahhh I'd like to say that I'm very proud that our team made this trek with, in such good time. Before I was on, before coming on the expedition I'd known Ray for almost ten years, but I'd never met Kevin. But ahhh we got along really well, famously; I've never laughed so much in an expedition. so we made a great team on the ice, and everyone participated in you know the crucial decisions during the expedition and I think our collective knowledge and experiences contributed you know to the fast time that we made going from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole. I hope everyone's enjoyed our blogs along the way and i'd like to thank everyone for following our trek and that's the final word from Richard. Thank you. Bye"
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