expedition team

Expedition Team

team: ray Ray Zahab
Ray has won numerous international ultra marathons of distances from 100 to over 200 miles in length in some of the harshest conditions on the globe. He and two other runners recently ran the entire width of the Sahara Desert—4500 miles in 111 days with no rest days—and in the process learned of the seriousness of the water crisis in Africa. The run was documented in a film directed by Oscar winner James Moll and narrated by Matt Damon. One of the goals of the film is to raise awareness for the water crisis in Africa. Ray now uses his athletic career to support philanthropic causes and inspire youth. Ray is the official Athletic Ambassador for the ONEXONE organization and is a board member of the Ryan's Well Foundation. Ray is the founder of i2P.

team: kevin Kevin Vallely
With grace and calm, Kevin combines the seemingly impossible demands of world-class adventurer, journalist, architect, and father. Kevin is known internationally for his broad experience and deep technical knowledge as an explorer. He bicycled the Iditarod trail 1150 miles from Dawson to Nome in the dead of winter, competed on elite adventure racing teams, kayaked in Siberia with his baby girl and wife, and explored jungle and Arctic regions around the globe. Kevin has numerous television documentaries and articles to his credit and is a popular media personality.

team: richard Richard Weber
Richard has led more than 45 Arctic expeditions from the years 1978-2007. He is unrivalled in the domain of North Pole travel. Richard has spent an unprecedented amount of time travelling on the Arctic Ocean—more than 600 days and nights. In 1995, Richard and his teammate were the only people in history to ski to the north pole and back without resupply. Richard and his wife Josee operate Arctic Watch—the furthest north lodge in the world, and they continue to guide expeditions and trips.

Education and Research Team

team: ewan Dr. Ewan Affleck
i2P Science and Education Coordinator

A graduate of the McGill School of Medicine, he has worked and lives in Northern Canada since 1992. Medivacs and community visits have taken him across most of the Canadian Artic. He has served as clinical advisor to the Keewatin Regional Health Board and is currently the Medical Director of the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority and Clinical Director of the Northwest Territories e-Health Initiative. He maintains an active clinical practice, providing both hospital based and remote community services. He is passionate about designing sustainable and ecologically sound health services for remote northern communities. Ewan has been running for many years, and much prefers to run on snow than on asphalt. He has won 2 northern ultra marathons. He is married and has 2 children, Zander and Anika.

team: leona Leona Chatwood - i2P Research Assistant
With a background in both Education and Library Science , Leona has had a long career as a Teacher and Library Technician . She has lived and worked in Newfoundland and Labrador, central Canada and western Canada, with her focus being on education and research. After graduating from Algonquin College's Library and Information Technology Program she had been able to combine these two interests. Leona is enthusiastic and pleased to be assisting with the educational research for the I2P South Pole Quest, 2008.

team: simon Dr. Simon Donato - Contributor
Simon is a geologist with Imperial Oil and the founder of AdventureScience.ca. After receiving his MSc at the University of Western Ontario in paleontology he completed a PhD at McMaster University, studying modern tsunami deposits in desert environments (Oman). Simon has competed in numerous adventure races including the Eco Challenge, Southern Traverse, and Raid the North Extreme and founded the Canadian Adventure Racing Association in 2003. This past summer, he led a team of Canadian adventure athletes on a grueling week-long search/scientific study for then-missing pilot Steve Fossett in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Simon currently lives in Calgary with his wife Allyson.

team: brian Dr. Brian J Krabak - Advisor and Researcher
Brian is a sports medicine physician and ultra-endurance athlete. He completed a sports medicine fellowship at The Mayo Clinic and worked at Johns Hopkins Sports Medicine for over nine years. He currently is a Clinical Associate Professor of Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital. His sports medicine experience includes working as a team physician for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, 2002 Winter Olympic Games, the Baltimore Orioles, Johns Hopkins and University of Washington athletes. He is currently Medical Director of Racing The Planet, a series of 150 mile multi-day ultra-endurance races around the world. Brian’s clinical interest is in the non-surgical prevention and treatment of sports related injuries in athletes and active individuals. He is passionate about helping athletes regain their active lifestyle and seeks to support amateur to professional athletes of all ages on a local to international level.
team: spencer Spencer Harrison - Researcher
Spencer Harrison was raised in the foothills and deserts of Utah. He is interested in exploration in all its forms. This is reflected in the topics of his research. He studies how curiosity and passion play out in organizations - how they bring people together and allow them to achieve new things. When he's not thinking, writing, or analyzing data you'll find him outside clinging to a rock.

Logistics Team

team: anton Anton Stranc - Technical Equipment Advisor
Anton is an accomplished endurance athlete. He has completed numerous marathons, Ironmans, and Adventure races. As an IT Director, his strengths are in communication, planning, logistics, and technology which he applies with enthusiasm to I2P projects. He is drawn to extreme events realizing that life is about the journey and not the destination. " Too few people take the time to explore the limits they set upon themselves."

team: bob Bob Cox - Operations Director
Bob Cox has been in athletics all of his life and has recently found his stride in endurance endeavors such as the Canada OnexOne, the Oceanside 70.3 Triathlon and the San Francisco 24hour footrace race with a top ten finish. He spent much of his youth surfing in the Pacific Ocean and from those experiences his passion for our big blue planet was formed. In October 2007, Bob met Ray at a Livestrong event in Texas and from that moment he knew his life had changed. From that day forward the two men have dedicated their lives to the message and ideals of i2P.

team: kathy Kathy Adams - Administrative and Information Coordinator
Kathy brings her vast experience as an Environmental Adviser with the Canadian Government to the team and to the South Pole Quest, and to all expeditions which Ray is part of ! Kathy and Ray are husband and wife...and Ray clearly knows and appreciates that these expeditions would be impossible without her unwavering support and organization.

team: josee Josée Auclair - Volunteer
Josée is super experienced with the working of polar expeditions; having trekked to the North Pole five times, once to the South Pole and being involved in organizing/participating in polar treks for over twenty years. Josée operates Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge in Nunavut during the summer. She is Richard's partner and wife. Josée has been working with Kathy on the team's logistics.
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