Preparation !

blog 1Only a few days till we leave for Punta Arenas, Chile - our launching point for the South Pole Quest ! Richard and I have been speaking pretty much everyday about details, and Doc Affleck and Leona have been hammering away at the educational program and modules. Bob Cox has been communicating with the Students On Ice team, and Kevin is gearing up in Vancouver for the expedition. Kath has been helping to organize practically everything, and of course without Karen Addison's logistical expertise and contacts we would probably still be sitting at home on the 17th ! Anton almost has the kinks and technical details worked out with our communication and multi-media equipment. In these last days both Dr. Krabak and Spencer Harrison will be retrieving the data they need to start their research, and Nick is getting ready for roughly a month of no sleep as he prepares to keep the website updated, uploaded and LIVE !!!
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