Still at Patriot hills

(Audio) Still at Patriot Hills
"Hey everybody it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team. Kevin and I called and left a blog yesterday , but apparently Anton said we had some technical difficulties and we haven't been in touch since. So I apologize for not ahhum blogging again, Kevin and I errr.. or Richard, until until just now. But I'm just leaving a quick message.

We're still at Patriot Hills ahhhummm the launching point for the expedition on Antarctica waiting for our flight back to Chile. As soon as we get back to Chile, we are going to be sending Anton a bunch of photos and Anton and Nick are going to put them together, and it's all the banner photos from the South Pole. With all the school banners and everything. So you'll get a chance to see in higher resolutions, so you can make out the logos and stuff. We weren't able to upload them (from Antarctica) they're, it's just too hard to send such large files (on a 1.2k data connection). So keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days, and as soon as we get off Antarctica and into Chile, we're sending the files and we'll have a nice picture album there for you. So again thank you ahhh for all of your support everybody, we just, it's just, we're so happy for all the support you've given us and it's just you guys have made our dream come true and we hope that ahhhum ahhh you guys have enjoyed our journey. ahhhumm there so much more to say, but we're going to wait now until we ge to Punta Arenas and get some photos to you guys and and you can ??????. Thanks so much and you'll hear from us in the next 24-48, ok Bye.
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