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I spoke with Ray on Skype today. They are waiting in Punta Arenas until they can all get on a flight out to Ottawa. We anticipate they will arrive on Saturday. When I know the details I will publish them so we can give them all a big welcome back.

"Hi everybody, here it's Kevin here, and sort of sitting in Punta Arenas waiting for our flight out. And ahh today I'm just reflecting on ahhh we're really thing about why our our trip was such a success. I think on a number of points it's quite simple why, why it really worked out. Ray put together arguably the best team possible he could for this, and ahhh if you know, with with Richard being arguably the most experienced Polar trekker in the world and getting us to the start line was for us, with really, you know all the kit to make this work out as best it could and ahhh you know we worked as a team out there. We made navigational, route finding decisions together, ahhh as a team. Ahhhh figuring out where we're going to go and what we're going to do and making all our critical decisions together.

Ahhhumm ahhhummm once we started we were moving through a cravass field, and I felt my experience through that helped a lot. Errr I travelled through the glaciers of British Columbia alot and feel that my ahh umm y'know ideas and route finding decisions err across the cravasses were actually were were essential. As was ahhh you know I said my cold weather experience you know nothing compares me to Richard, but ahhh two major Alaskan expeditions certainly didn't hurt. Umm our team was really strong, we carried equal weight throughout and that's critical to success as well. And ahhh and ahhh Ray's nutritional guidance was ahhh essential too. Ummm it was so important that at the end of each day, in terms of umm ahhh vitamins and muscle milk and everything else errr it was sooo good and we felt so good. Richard said he had never felt so good on an expedition as this one. So ahhh I think those are a few points you know that made it work, working as a team. I think that there's no "I" in team as , as Ray was known to say throughout the whole thing and ahhh I think that's the key to anything. Good teamwork, you can't work as an individual. Cheers and ahhh we'll talk soon. Bye for now.
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