On Antarctica !

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(Audio) On Antarctica

"Kevin, Richard and I arrived late last night, a last minute flight with ALE (Antarctic Logistics and Explorations) to the continent of Antarctica. After about two or three hours of setting up our gear and our tents last night and sorting things out, we crashed for a few hours and got up today sorted our food and headed out on a training run and had a fantastic day of training. We are going into the next two or three days of training and preparation to leave for Hercules inlet and start out journey to the south pole. It's all very exciting, everybody is doing great; Richard and Kevin skied today and I did a bit or running and trekking with crampons, I didn't wear any snowshoes, and it looks exactly like the Sahara, it's incredible, it's amazing; it's like a snowy Sahara. So ahhh that's it we will be blogging again very very soon. Hopefully tomorrow, over and out, bye"
- Transcribed by Anton Stranc
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