The Excitement Continues !

blog 2It feels like just minutes until we leave. Everybody is gathering here in Chelsea, Quebec Saturday night before we leave. It seems like just days ago- although it has been many, many months since planning went into full swing. So much time getting ready- and the day is almost here ! We have all been dreaming about this magical place; Antarctica- and we are equally excited to be sharing the experience with youth all over the world- and with students and schools here in North America. The daily modules are going to be awesome- and we can't wait to hear from students as we make our way to the South Pole...although I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will be dragging 150 pounds in my sled behind me !!! Ewan's son Zander took this photo while onboard the SOI ship last year...I can't wait to set foot on the continent !
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