End of the Crevasses

"Today was a great day, we went out with just the intention of still building our mileage and getting used to, you know dragging these sleds, and and keeping moving, so we didn't, we didn't knock ourselves out and we still managed, aahhh... 13.7 nautical miles which is roughly 25 kilometers towards the south pole. We started the day by finishing a really long steep climb, ahhhh... and we negotiated several crevasses, but the crevasses are done, at least for now and so we are on some flat terrain, we are really excited. It's been sunny today, beautiful today with just enough wind that you needed to cover up everything but it kept you cool while you were walking so... here's Kevin"

"Hey y'all errummm the first half of the day today was poking through the crevass field. We thought it was all over yesterday but today I... right in front of me I saw Ray go up to his knee in one crevass and ahh uum ahh myself, I found myself looking down little holes here and there everytime my foot would puncture through, or my ahhh my pole would.... amazing day though, beautiful sun, wind died down and we got views to the three sails here, which is really the gateway to the antarctic plateau. So we'll talk to everybody tomorrow, cheers and thanks for following along."

(Audio) End of the Crevasses
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