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blog 42 Hello all!

As I sit here in my room, watching the snowfall outside my window... it hits me like an electric shock of energy ...
In just WEEKS from now I will be on my way to the most amazing expedition of my life!

So, despite our little mishap with the MV Ushuaia, things are still moving forward as planned. Both Dylan and I are feverishly prepping in any way we can, research, discussions, buying clothes, figuring out European outlets. Personally, I am so excited that I am officially carrying the book "Antarctica: Firsthand Accounts Of Exploration and Endurance", reading it in between classes, during lunch, whenever! I am having a lot of fun getting my clothes together. I have a fantastic down jacket that is green and I swear I look like a ninja turtle in it (especially when I have my rain pants and facemask on as you can see in my picture)! My best friend, John, is trying to make sure I stay healthy so I don't get sick before Antarctica! In a way, this expedition has become just a part of …me; and I haven't even left yet! It's great knowing that Glenbrook North (my high school) is really supportive and excited. My humanities teacher, who used to be in the Peace Corp, is especially excited because both of us are really big environmentalists. I don't think I have ever smiled so much in a short period of time as I have since I found out that I was selected to go to Antarctica. Well I'm off!

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