Day 7 Another 15.5 Nautical miles close to the South Pole

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(Audio) Another 15.5 Nautical miles

Today Richard Webber did all of his navigation using a compass. Due to the whiteout conditions there we no other navigations aids available. Ususally he uses visual clues plus the position of the sun to guide the expedition. Everyone sounded tired but in good spirits.

"Today was definitely a tough one for us, ummm we went out and the skies were grey and it.. you know it sort of set the mood, but we none the less had fun, pushed on, went uphill quite a bit and I spent most of the day dreaming about all of the food I would love to have right now; ummmm... namely I could really scarf down a pizza, which would be absolutely fantastic. Not to say that our pemmican has not been absolutely delightful. We've been eating very very well, very high calorie, and it's been keeping us keeping us going, lots of energy. We look forward to coming in and hanging out in the tent, the three of us laughing ahh... at the end of each day. We've been walking for about eight and a half hours, we've been out for a total of about nine with breaks, and ahhh so far so good. We're really enjoying each others company and we're ahhh... working hard when we're out there. So fifteen and a half nautical miles today, I think that boils out to somewhere around twenty nine kilometers or something like that. tomorrow we're going to if the weather permits add an hour and as our sleds get lighter we'll actually be able to do more mileage each day. That's our goal if the weather sticks with us, here's Kevin."

"Hey it's Kevin here, ummm polar trekking is you know aaahhhh about getting into some strange zen state ...??...feeling.... ........"

"Hello Richard here... Today was ahhhhh...a tough day. We had ahhh...quite a big hill to climb and it was kind of weird because the light was weird and it was kind of hard to see you were actually climbing but sleds suddenly felt really really heavy, and the light was very good so we had to navigate with a compass but ahh we still did good mileage."
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