Day 9 eighteen more nautical miles toward the South Pole

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(Audio) Day 9

Ray sounded positively bouncy today. Every single day they seem to get more miles and confidence in themselves. Certainly they are coming together as a cohesive team.

"Hey everybody it's Ray and Richard calling from the South Pole Quest Team tonight, and we had a great day, beautiful, beautifully sunny, ahhhumm... we were anticipating this huge downhill that Kevin saw on a profile of Antarctica, but today I swear we've done fifteen of the eighteen nautical miles (which is somewhere in the low thirties in kilometers) going uphill. So I think Kevin may have read, been reading it upside down, as a matter of fact exactly 33.3 kilometers is how far we went today; and seriously it totally felt like it was uphill the entire time. I was really tired today, but still, a lot of fun, ummm still totally under foot, still using my boots, ahh... while Richard skied and Kevin mixes it up. Kevin actually walked the entire day with me, with boots today too; and we haven't had to pull the snowshoes out of the sled yet, it's exciting, here's Richard, talk to you guys tomorrow."

"Hello, Richard here, yep we had a good day and lots of uphill, went up ...?... for a ...??.. quite steep for a while, but our speed is good errr.. we're doing more than two nautical miles an hour, which is really good, and ahhhhh.... some... big sastrugi going by us, but we can negotiate around them without actually having to climb over them, so things are looking up. That's it for now bye."
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