Day 14 - Another 20 Miles

blog 63 (Audio) Day 14
Richard Weber: "We're skiing now 9.5 hours per day not including breaks, and we're trying to average two... two miles, nautical miles an hour, but today Ray threw in a few extra kickers on a few legs, and we ,so we pushed our, our average over twenty miles again today so, so it was very good work by the crew."

Ray: "This is Ray calling also, from the team, and ahhh.. as Richard said we covered another 20.2 nautical miles today, so it's sort of an early Christmas gift for us, ummm... our holidays will be spent here, and of course we'll be missing our families like crazy. We've already started talking about the festivities at home, with everything that's going to be happening, but here were are in one of the most incredible places on the planet and experiencing something so unique. It's, it's truly a gift just to be here... and and how happy we are to have had another great mileage day. I'll tell you my boots are certainly getting a workout. Here's Kevin."

Kevin: "Heeeyy, here's Kevin and ahhh you know when we do one of these days of ahhh 9.5 hours of effort, it's kind of interesting the way it works. Unlike just going out really hard, where you get really tired, we don't actually push ourselves that hard, but we're still tired, so at the end of 9.5 hours, it's like.... a good analogy would be sort of taking your, your a holiday turkey and putting it in the oven, if you put it in at too high a degrees you just burn the outside and the inside is still raw. Well we cook ourselves slowly and you cook all day, and by the end of the day you stick the fork in and were fully cooked. That's the way we feel right now. We'll talk to you tomorrow."
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