Another day at the office in Antarctica...

blog 65 (Audio) Another Day At The Office
"Ahhhh... today was absolutely fantastic, beautiful weather, much better than yesterday's whiteout conditions. Although I must say icy cold winds definitely felt like it was slowing us down at little bit as we made our way uphill. We finished 19.2 miles, but ummm our routine got us going and we've got this routine that we stick to and this routine that actually we look forward to. I'll tell you about breakfast another time, which involves a coffee in the morning and some fantastic ????? and pemmican which gets us going, but what I wanted to tell you about this time was how by our third or fourth march of the day, which sometimes they last several hours. The three of us start talking about how excited we are for dinner to have our pemican, and to be able to relax and unwind in the tent, because that's when we're outside, and it's so cold and so blustery and we're so exhausted. There's nothing as nice as curling up into our down sleeping bags, into our little home which is our helsport tent for the period of this expedition and chow down on some pemmican and some pasta. I'm tellin ya it's a little bit of heaven in Antarctica. Hope your all having a great day. I know it's getting close to the holidays... it is the holidays... getting very close to Christmas there and I hope everyone is getting very very excited... ahhummm it's a winter wonderland here. We'll catch you tomorrow, bye."
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