Day 17 - a beautiful sunny day that starts with a fantastic breakfast

"Hey everybody it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest team, hope you're all getting geared up and ready for the holidays. Ahhhummm were in our winter wonderland right now and we start out each day with a breakfast of mash potatos pemmican and coffee. And it is fantastic, it gives us all the energy we need. Plus we also have a special.... sandwich if you will, that's Richard's recipe and it's two pieces of Russian flat bread. Sandwiched inside is butter, peanut butter and macadamia nut butter. It sounds crazy but it's yum yum good. Anyhow we managed 20.5 ahhh miles and that was in part to our power breakfast that we had. Ahhum I should also mention that while we're getting breakfast ready it's someones job, and usually Richard gets stuck with the job (don't tell him). ahhum to go out and bang all of the ice off of the tent, because you see it' so cold at night, as we breathe and while we're sleeping the outside of our tent ices up. So Richard will often go out there and bang all the ice off and then we enjoy our breakfast, out the door we go. I thought you might... would just like to know a little bit of our routine. That was our day for today. I hope everyone's doing fantastic and we'll talk to you tomorrow, Bye."

(Audio) Day 17
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