Happy holidays to everybody and a very special thank you

blog 71 (Audio) Happy Holidays
"Hey everybody it's Ray calling on behalf of the South Pole Quest Team. The guys have got their hands full doing Christmassy things, their wrapping gifts, they're doing all kinds of stuff in the tent (no just kidding). They're very busy and so I'm calling in on their/everybodies behalf today to wish everyone a happy holidays and to make special note, and to say special thank yous to all the people that are making South Pole Quest possible. And that's the people that are voluteering and are working tirelessly ahhumm, day in and day out. Ahhumm behind the scenes and on the scene to make things happen. Some of those people... Dr Ewan Affleck who put together an incredible educational program for us and he's just been amazing. He's an amazing man and he's as funny as he is intelligent. Anton Stranc... ahhh logistics genius ahuumm he can make anything happen and he's been helping us out so much indispensible . Bob Cox executive director of impossible 2 possible (i2P) and one of my best friends in my entire life... just anything you need Bob is there. My incredible wife Kathy who has been non stop, I speak to her every day and she's been working with everyone for media onward... ???? ummm ....

Dr. Affleck as well as a research, educational research team which involves ummm his umm mother in law as well, I'm afraid her name escapes me right now because I'm in Antartica exhausted after a long day. And I believe that I've just about covered it off on most folks and if I've forgotten anybody I'm very sorry and of course you are in our hearts as well, and thank you to everybody. I hope you all have an awsome holidays and ahhh we covered another 18.6 nautical miles today on Christmas eve. Be watching out for us tomorrow and please read our blog so that we're not lonely on Christmas day. Have a great holiday K, bye.
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