Day 23, The continuing story of the South Pole Quest

blog 74 (Audio) Day 23
"Hey everybody it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team, ah, you will be hearing from Richard and Kevin in the coming days as well. Richard's got a very special announcement actually, about our plans for 88 degrees. I think you will find that very exciting, so keep tuning in.

So today, what I'm calling in about, to talk a little bit about was something that I alluded to yesterday when I talked about gear and how we sort the gear. And the fact that Richard and I are carrying the group gear and Kevin is carrying the film gear. So, I thought I'd talk a little bit about that. One of the... This expedition has many unique things about it that make it very special. One of the little quirks is our educational programs and all our educational partners and all of our great volunteers and the people that are involved and of course we are attempting a record from Hercules Inlet to the South pole. We are trying to be the fastest to get there unsupported. Also, the fact is that we are all using different disciplines. Richard and Kevin are skiing and of course, I'm trekking and snowshoeing. But, one of the things about this expedition that is very special is something that Kevin and I discussed a long time ago and that was that we wanted to document this expedition on film. So, all that gear that Kevin's carrying...we have a fantastic camera, we have video equipment, we have everything and we are capturing the entire expedition on film and it's no small feat when you are, you know, going after ah speed record and ah and Kevin is trying to ski and do everything else and ah you've got to shoot this expedition.

So, on a daily basis or at least every second day, we try and get as much film footage as we can. Sometimes I'm even allowed to use the camera. You can imagine that's a challenge to get that out of Kevin's hand judging by that photo that you see there. But, ah, none the less, we have a lot of fun doing it and we hope you have something that, um, ready for everybody to see and to share with everybody so that they are able to experience the expedition, um, from our point of view. And we'll get to that hopefully sometime in the New Year. But I just thought I would drop a few hints of what it's like trying to film an expedition in the freezing cold and when you are trying to go really fast and everybody is tired. It is really tough.
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