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blog 76 (Audio) Day 24
"Umm. hi everybody, this is Kevin from the South Pole Quest Expedition. Ummm, ahhh, today I'd like to discuss ahh, sort of ahh, one of the things I have a real passion for during this trip. Ahhh.. and that's actually videoing as we mentioned yesterday and taking photographs. And ahh those images you see on the website are predominantly, not all, but most of them are taken by me. Ahhh.. because I love to take shots and I'm also shooting with an SLR. It's really quite fantastic to see this landscape and to ahh take shots of it. Ahh.. today it's tough though we're moving fast, like for example today we did 19 nautical miles again. We're plugging away fast, ahhumm but you always have to find those moments to take a shot and ahhh if you take a look at our blogs today you'll see the not so pretty pictures. And that's ahhh.. Ray's god awful blister, that he is travelling with, and ahhh that's you know there's nothing you can do but suffer, but take a look and commiserate, we'll be taking soon. Bye now."
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