Day 28 - on our way to the South Pole

blog 84 (Audio) Day 28
"Hey Everybody, it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team, filling you guys in, hope you're having a great new year. Happy new years day to you all. Ahhh.. we had our second consecutive day of twenty nautical miles, we're pretty excited about that. Ahhhummm, and ahhh.. the two guys, Kevin and Richard, my partners of course are skiing, and here is a photo for you of ahhh the binding system that they are using, which has been incredibly reliable to this point. They've really had very little go wrong with it at all, and we're all wearing the same boots. You guys have seen my boots before and it's the same boot that's in the binding there, keeps you very warm. Ahhhumm.. but ahhh yeah from the photo of this.. the binding system that Richard has more or less developed and invented for use on ahhh... trips like these, to the poles, both south and north poles. So ahhh have a look at it and enjoy the photographs and as well ahhumm.. .

blog 84 Just thought I would fill you guys in on the altitude. It is getting really tough up here. Ahhhumm.. the snow is getting a little bit deep and so ahhh.. I'm using snowshoes right now ahhumm. and trying to keep up with the guys on their skiis. and we're having a blast though, we're really enjoying ourselves. so happy new year to everybody, and ahhh.. we will talk to you tomorrow. bye bye.
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