Getting closer to 89 degrees

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(Audio) Getting Closer
"Hey everybody, it's just a short blog today, it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team. Errr... we're exhausted, we're just making some food; having a nice hot milk drink that we have every night, with maple sugar in it? Mmmm sounds good eh, and ahhumm, basically relaxing after doing another twenty nautical today, so, Two err.. actually is our third day in a row of twenty nautical miles, (background coughing) but the second day in a row of our goal of trying to complete 88 degrees in three days, so 20 more nautical miles to do that. We're up on the plateau, it's incredible, ummm it's it's like a big vast well it's a desert. That's exactly what it is, it's a desert. It's this huge flat snowy desert, it's incredible (I guess he's never been in Winnipeg in the winter). Ahhh that's Kevin coughing in the background, still suffering a little bit of altitude sickness. I hope your all enjoying your holidays and ahhh keep reading the blog through the weekend. Have a great night, K bye."
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