Day 30 - Whiteout

(Audio) Whiteout
Some technical difficulties with the computer equipment has prevented Ray from sending a phto today. We hope to have it resolved by tomorrow. FYI the whiteout conditions experienced by the team are the worst that Richard Webber has ever seen at either pole.

"Hey everybody, it's Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team. We started out this morning with great anticipation of doing our fourth twenty mile day in a row, but unfortunately after 6 miles the whiteout we were in, and I mean WHITEOUT so white that we couldn't see a thing. It was so severe we decided that we would camp for a few hours and then try to head out again and ahhh get a few more miles in and head towards twenty. But unfortunately even after a few hours of camping the weather has not improved, so we decided, that unfortunately, that's it for today. Ahhumm, but we wake up and tomorrow morning and we start our march toward the south pole. We will reach 89 degrees tomorrow and ahhhh do our very best to be at the south pole ahhh in the next few days. So umm thank you all so much for following our blog and for your support. It's been bitter sweet and we wanted to do 88 degrees in three days ahhh a degree in three days, unfortunately weather like this in Antarctica is what can happen, and it happened to us, and it stopped us. But the sweet part of the bitterness is that we actually did do a degree of travel in three days. We had our three twenty miles in a row. Ahhummm so there you go. So have a great night and to everybody in the next day or two. Bye Bye."
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