Day 31 - On the Comeback Trail

blog 88 (Audio) Day 31
"Hey everyone, Ray calling from the South Pole Quest Team. We're just getting in, my mouth is frozen as I leave this message. We got today another huge storm this morning it was crazy. Richard navigated through it and Kevin and I did a little bit of navigation. Ahhh.. I can't believe what a tough job that is, in a, ahhh complete white out. A complete whiteout again this morning, but we did 20 nautical miles today and we are above 89. We are six nautical miles across into 89 degrees. We are on our way to the South Pole. Ahhumm, just stopped for tonight. We are trying to do some photos, we've been having some technical issues, but we will try our best to get those to you OK, have a great day, Bye Bye."
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