Day 33 - WE DID IT

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(Audio) Day 33 - We Did It!
"Hey everybody, it's Ray calling, we've a really quick message. We wanted to pull he sat phone out and call you guys and give you live updates throughout the day today. But it was sooo cold we knew that the phone would would freeze and and and we wouldn't be able to leave any messages. So the great news is we have arrived in world record time at the geographic South Pole, in 33 days 23 hours and 30 minutes. We are here guiys and in the coming next 24-48 hours you'll get a lot of photos, ahhh you will get blogs from the other guys, ahhum Kevion and Richard have messages for you they just wanted me to pass on the quick message, that we are here and we are getting warmed up in our tent right now and we are going to sleep because we did 24 nautical miles again today to get here, so there you go, rock on, we'll talk to you later."
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